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. עוברים למחשוב ענן ומתחילים לעבוד מהבית, במשרד ובכל מקום

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 מבצע לזמן מוגבל !!!


רכישה חד פעמית של תוכנת אנטי וירוס ואבטחת אינטרנט

חסכון כספי עצום - מהיום אין צורך לחדש כל שנה
הרכישה מתבצעת ישירות מול הספק בחו"ל אמצעות הקישור הנ"ל
Internet Security 2012

PC Lifetime Edition   
Worth Up To    $325
Lifetime Protection*
Save up to 70% / year**







Parental Control

Social Network Protection



PC Lifetime Edition includes all of the features available in Bitdefender Internet Security 2012 with the added advantage of lifetime protection at a great price.






Bitdefender ®
Internet Security 2012
Bitdefender Internet Security 2012 is a silent security solution providing antivirus, antispam, antiphising, social networking protection and parental controls.
PC Lifetime Edition keeps your PC secure throughout its lifetime for a low one-time payment.









Anything Else Is Second Best!
Bitdefender won the AV-TEST Award for Best Security Product For 2011, outperforming the competition by having the highest overall score in protection, repair and usability.
The package includes protection from online fraud and identity theft, hackers and viruses, with file encryption software and auto-scanning technology updating automatically at least every hour.
Yet it avoids slowing down the Windows PC or interrupting game play.








*Lifetime protection key is valid for the computer you first install it on,
for the lifetime of the machine, not exceeding 5 years
**Save up to 70% per year.
Calculation for 5 years of PC lifetime.
***Average market value